About our Founder

New England Healthy Baby Collaborative, Inc. was founded in 2017 by a career neonatal nurse and leader. For 15yrs Lisa Audette was a staff nurse in a Worcester, Massachusetts critical care nursery.  After years of clinical bedside nursing, Lisa moved into a leadership role as Nurse Manager and for the last 3 years managed the same 49 bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  During her time in the NICU she managed life threatening events both at the bedside and as a nurse leader. Healthcare was changing and insurance companies were increasing pressure to reduce length of stay resulting in medically fragile babies being discharged sooner and with higher risk factors. In Northeast Connecticut, there is currently a very limited and inconsistent access to skilled nursing in the home post hospital discharge for these infants. This places the heavy burden of illness prevention, infant monitoring, and education on the family pediatrician.  The lack of nursing support in the home and organized case management for these complex infants has contributed to increased medical costs for non-emergent ER visits, preventable illness, and hospital readmissions which erodes parental confidence and increases stress to the family unit.  In addition to the medically fragile are the infants with risk to health and safety because of moms drug history, age, mental or physical disability. The perpetual risk for illness, injury and readmission of these fragile babies is a reality that can no longer be ignored. Lisa's vision was to start an organization of registered nurses that would mitigate the risk involved in sending these babies home by providing in home support and case management to both the baby and family. 

New England Healthy Baby Collaborative is committed to including all at-risk infants in our follow up program.  We are proud to be a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit to better serve all qualifying infants and families in Northeast CT. 

Honors, Awards, and Accomplishments

  • March of Dimes 2016 "Nurse of the year" award for excellence in Nursing Leadership. 
  • Invited speaker on Leadership Collaboration in the NICU. Vermont Oxford Network 2015 Quality Conference, Chicago,IL
  • Quality Improvement Leader for nursing in Massachusetts NeoQIC collaborative. Safe Sleep, NAS, and Breast milk abstracts.
  • Key contributor to $250,000 NAS grant proposal and award through Massachusetts HPC.
  • Hosted and organized a 3 day on site visit for 50 members of Vermont Oxford Network. Lectures, tours, and breakout sessions focused on quality improvement measures.