In-Home Nurse Visitation Program

At NEHBC we are uniquely focused in the transistion of medically fragile and at-risk infants to a safe and nurturing home environment. Our Neonatal/Pediatric registered nurses provide in home visits where they will evaluate and monitor infants health, growth and development, and provide education to families on continued health stability. In addition our pediatric case manager works together with the infants health care team and family to develop an individualized and evidence-based plan of care . NEHBC will evaluate socio-economic and safety risk factors in the home that may prevent optimal health for mothers and babies. Individual family needs will be matched with social service support, community resources, and local donations to fill the gaps and aid in establishing a stable home environment where infants can thrive and live to their full potential. 

  • How do we know what impact we are making? NEHBC is committed to continuous quality improvement and best practice models to enhance program outcomes. During our routine home visits and assessments we will collect data that will measure the impact of our work. These results are monitored, evaluated and shared in transparency in order to continually achieve NEHBC mission and vision.  


Respite Program for Medically Complex children

At NEHBC our goal is to support a safe and nurturing home environment where infants and young children can grow and thrive to achieve their full potential. For families with a medically complex child the demands of providing care, advocating for services, balancing work, relationships, and parenting other children can become stressful and overwhelming. Finding qualified in-home relief caregivers and community care is challenging as these services are not widely available and there is very limited capacity, particularly in smaller towns and cities in rural locations. In collaboration with pediatricians, community agencies and local businesses we're committed to supporting respite care programs for families of medically complex infants and young children.

Respite care not only helps the individual child but allows the caregiver the time for critical beneficial self-care which is often overlooked. A few hours offered in respite can provide a parent with an uninterrupted shower, nap, trip to the grocery store, or time to attend to his/her own mental and physical well-being. A respite day can allow parents to reconnect and recharge as a couple, or a focus on siblings allowing for undivided attention. Respite gives the family unit the renewed ability and strength to continue facing their daily challenges. 

NEHBC is committed to serve the underserved and those most vulnerable. Our community partnerships are carefully established with this mutual commitment and goal in mind. 

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